What Is iParkSimple?

iParkSimple is a simple and convenient way to pay for parking and help drivers book parking spaces before reaching their destinations. Additionally, iParkSimple/business offers enterprise-level parking registration platform for locations of all types and sizes.

This all-in-one platform can easily help you create flexible pay to park or free registration processes with or without integrated payments to take control and enforce common-area parking spaces.

Parking as a

And from both the owner/operator and customer perspective, so it benefits – everyone.

Owner/operators needed a system that was easier to manage, with analytics to tell what was happening in real time, easily customizable on-demand, and most critically, that turned underperforming assets or unused real estate into assets delivering sustainable ROI. All with enhanced security, reduced headaches and easier management and enforcement.

Customers needed more choices, the ability to schedule and pay in advance online, to have a parking spot they can depend on, and could park with peace of mind. But enforcement, like security, is a two-way street. To provide an experience that people value, count on and recommend, parking facilities must be professionally managed, monitored and maintained.

Our Technology Is Built to Serve You

A dashboard that puts owner/operators in control and provides practical information to do a better job, more efficiently and more profitably. This means on-demand ability to adjust pricing, availability, hours of operation, and even block off spaces when desired for special events – your own or those taking place in the community -and all with just a few clicks.
Tools that help parking customers get what they want, when they want, change when it’s necessary, and without confusion or frustration. An app built to serve, not to frustrate. The ability to quickly survey the world of available parking, choose what you need, book a space today, or in the future, and get on with your life without worrying about parking.

Putting Parking
Data to Work
for You

Operators see active and past reservations, helping to chart a brighter future with a better understanding of the past. Customize access for employees and customers, integrated with towing and security services attuned to current conditions and customers. All from an easy to use POS system that does it all, even processing payments for guests and special events.

A Dedication
to Constant

Data Analytics enables us to learn from our customers by reviewing their experiences and looking for ways to improve it for everyone. We’re committed to keeping it simple, but also to keeping it efficient and profitable – for you. No mystery, it’s all about service that puts our partners first, by providing innovative solutions that attracts and retains customers.

Key Pillars of iParkSimple

Corali Rosado

Office Manager

Bill Bush, JR.

Business Development

Ed Sutherland

VP, Business Development

Jacqueline Rosado

Finance Manager

Abraham Melles


Mitchell Buccelli

Partnership Manager