Frequently Asked Questions

We do not. iParkSimple is an online booking service that allows you to reserve. The operators are independently owned, our partnerships and technology make it easier for you to find and pay for your parking service.
Generally, no. What you see online is what you pay. However, some Parking operators enforce oversize vehicle fees, which may apply to any vehicle larger than common SUV.
Yes, we do! Some operators that allow overnight Parking close overnight, meaning you may not be able to retrieve your vehicle until after a certain time the following morning. Please see operating hours of the Parking operator.
Any time you stayed outside the listed hours may result in additional fee and/or possibility of having to pick up your car the following day.
When Parking Operator is listed as such, they have a grace period at the end of the event during which you can pick your vehicle. At the end of this period, the Operator will most likely be closed. In these circumstances, it is advised that you leave immediately following the close of your event.
Once you’ve logged into your account, you will see all your past and upcoming reservations.
You can extend your parking session while it is still active in areas where extensions are allowed, if you can’t extend your time it could be because you have already reached the maximum stay allowed set by the parking operator owner.
Parking enforcement will see your mobile payment on their handheld device. If you received a ticket even after paying, you likely used an incorrect license plate number when starting your parking session. Regardless, you'll need to submit your dispute with the parking enforcement where you parked your vehicle.
Absolutely! You can start additional parking sessions by returning to the "Parking" section and entering the required information to start another parking session. If the license plate number isn't already saved to your account, you can add it before starting the parking session.
Enter your email address on the login page and click “Reset My Password”. This will send an automated email with a temporary password that will allow you to log in to the site and reset your password.
iParkSimple reservations are 100% refundable up to one hour of your reservation time. Simply login to your account and deactivate the reservation.
This is not our favourite question, we really do hate to see you go! But you are the boss, so we want to make it as simple as possible. You can open a support ticket or send an email to with the mobile number on your account.
You can always cancel your booking up to one hour of your reservation time. But no parking sessions can be cancelled or stopped once started.
Refunds can take up to three-to-five business days.
If you get the message "Another user is registered with this mobile number", it could be related to an old account that was not removed from the system or a mistaken number entry. Please open a support ticket or send an email to with the mobile number.
To change your phone number or email address you can login to your account and select "User Profile" to update your phone number or email address.
Your account can be suspended if the credit card on file has expired or if you have experienced a payment failure resulting in a balance due. In either case, you'll need to update your payment method.
Check your spam folder for any messages from iParkSimple. If you find one, to your address book, so they don't end up there again. If you can't locate your email, you can always call and talk to a real person any day of the week here at iParkSimple.